Installing The NEW Pro-Fit E-Z Series Crown Moulding System

Installing the Pro-Fit Crown Moulding System is very simple and requires only a few steps. Our system guarantees a professional looking job.

                                       For a more complete installation guide, download our installation manual in English or Spanish.

1. Starting at the center of the wall, install the brackets at no more than 24" apart with the screws provided. The brackets should touch the ceiling.

2. Measure from the center bracket to the next wall and cut molding 1" short.

3. Snap the Right cope on the right end of the molding allowing the right cope to extend 3/4" past molding end.

4. With the right coping on the end of the molding touching the next wall, snap the molding into place over the bracket.

5. Cut the second molding. Snap on the Left cope at the end of the molding and snap molding into place over the brackets. Continue around the room with the same procedure.

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