Pro Fit Moulding.


Gary Hardy - CEO

Gary has been involved in the building industry in Southern California for many years. He is the inventor of the Hardy Frame, a shear wall structural system widely used in construction. Gary has been an integral part in the development of Pro-Fit Mouldings. 

Mike Spek - President

Mike is the primary inventor of Pro-Fit Mouldings. He has worked in the residential and commercial construction industries for over twenty years. He used this vast experience to see the opportunity to develop a more homeowner-friendly crown molding product, creating the revolutionary Pro-Fit Mouldings system. 

Ben Spek - Vice President 

Mike's brother Ben is a camera operator in the entertainment industry, and a weekend warrior committed to the Pro-Fit concept from the beginning. Ben helped with the initial patent application process and continues to be a valuable asset to the company. 

Pro-Fit Mouldings is committed to tooling and manufacturing all of our components in the USA.

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