The NEW Pro-Fit Mouldings E-Z Series System


Pro-Fit Mouldings is a revolutionary crown molding system that makes it easy for just about anyone to install crown moldings in their home. With just a few simple tools, you can transform a humble room into one with timeless architectural details usually only found in today’s custom homes. Imagine, the look of expensive fine craftsmanship can now be yours. And at an affordable cost.

Pro-Fit Mouldings are made from PVC with a durable smooth finish. In addition PVC is easy to cut and is flexible enough to ensure a good fit to walls that are not perfectly straight.

The moldings come colored from the factory, eliminating any finish work. You simply cut to rough size and snap the moldings onto the brackets. The corner pieces snap into place over the long sections hiding any less than perfect cuts. Once in place, the job is done. No painting, puttying or finish sanding. A 12’ x 12’ room can be completed in about an hour.

Pro-Fit Mouldings is the easy and affordable way for the do-it-yourself homeowner to add professional crown moldings to any room. In as little as an hour, with a few hand tools, you can transform any room into a spectacular room with beautiful architectural details.                                                               

                   No miter cuts or precise  measuring needed.

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Pro-Fit Mouldings

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